The creation of an art jewelry pendant is fascinating, because it is more than just adornment- it is wearable sculpture. Every pendant is an original design in a series of one- not to be duplicated or repeated. Each design is an artistic jewelry sculpture piece displayed on a chain, instead of a plinth. I personally hand forge each piece in silver or gold, showcasing beautiful artisan cut gemstones. My work is designed to encourage deeper connections with the world around us, by helping us see the beauty in our lives.

Find the Art Jewelry Pendant that is yours

  • Charmed Waters limited edition charm pendant in Topaz by Kaelin Design

    Charmed Waters

  • Driftaway Hand Forged Original Art Pendant by Kaelin Design Art Jewelry


  • Effervescent Hand Forged Blue Topaz Fine Art Pendant by Kaelin Design


  • Firelight Garnet and Forged Gold Pendant by Kaelin Design


  • Gathering Storm Black Druzy Art Pendant by Kaelin Design

    Gathering Storm

  • Interstellar Marcasite Fine Art pendant by Kaelin Design


  • Keeper of the Flame Opal Pendant

    Keeper of the Flame

  • Lady of Shalott Blue Topaz Unique Fine Art Jewelry Pendant by Kaelin Design

    Lady of Shalott

  • Rising Storm Amethyst Art Jewelry Pendant by Kaelin Design

    Rising Storm

  • Sea Dancer hand forged silver Spinel pendant by Kaelin Design

    Sea Dancer

  • Sea Spray Blue-Green Fluorite Art Jewelry Pendant by Kaelin Design

    Sea Spray

  • Take Flight Tiger's Eye Fine Art Pendant by Kaelin Design

    Take Flight

  • Tempest in Amethyst fine art jewelry pendant by Kaelin Design

    Tempest in Amethyst

  • Turbulent Waters Turquoise Designer Pendant Necklace by Kaelin Design

    Turbulent Waters

  • Upon the Waters Topaz and Silver Fine Art Jewelry Pendant by Kaelin Design inspired by Rippling Waves on the Ocean

    Upon the Waters

  • Whirlpool Carved Topaz art jewelry designer pendant by Kaelin Design


  • Whisper of Smoke Welo Opal and Gold Designer Pendant by Kaelin Design

    Whisper of Smoke

  • Whitecaps Hand Forged White Topaz Fine Art Pendant by Kaelin Design


  • Windswept Druzy Handmade Pendant by Kaelin Design


  • Opal Nebula boulder opal pendant by Kaelin Design

    Opal Nebula

  • Artful Diamond by Kaelin Design Fine Art Jewelry

    Artful Diamond Gold Pendant