• Sea Spray Blue Topaz Silver Fine Art Jewelry Pendant Necklace by Kaelin Design

    Sea Spray

  • Dark Seas

  • Deep Waters

Kaelin Cordis Fine Art Jewelry Designer

My name is Kaelin Cordis

I’m an Artist- and my media is Art Jewelry.

Tiny Sculptures that you can wear.

Every piece I create is inspired by the world around us, all the many details that make up the beauty that surrounds us. From the dancing of flames that represents the flicker of hope in times of despair, or the cheerful ripple of waters that flow over every obstacle, I find beauty in the smallest moments.

Each piece is a tiny sculpture representing the single moments that make life precious, if only we notice and cherish them.

I forge wearable artworks as jewelry for the women who collect experiences, and seek out alluring beauty.

  • Tidal Whispers Blue Kyanite Ocean Inspired Earrings by Kaelin Design Fine Art Jewelry

    Tidal Whispers

  • Tourmaline Shores Sterling Silver Tourmaline Earrings by Kaelin Design

    Tourmaline Shores

  • Rain Fall

  • Blue Tides


Common Questions about Art Jewelry

What is Art Jewelry?
The short answer is- it depends. But generall, Art Jewelry is jewelry created for an artistic purpose.

In practice, this also tends to mean that the artist does not use traditional goldsmithing techniques like pave settings, or millgrain, such as you might find on main stream wedding rings.

Instead, the artist pushes the envelope of design, and embraces materials that are not traditionally though of as “precious”.

What is Designer Art Jewelry?
Simply speaking, designer art jewelry is any  jewelry that has been created by a designer.

However, the implication is that the art jewelry is either a one of a kind work, or of limited edition, not created en masse.

What is Fine Art Jewerly?
Fine Art Jewelry is crafted of precious materials, such as platinum, gold, or diamonds, and embodies a high level of craftsmanship.