Ephemera is a designer art jewelry series that explores the most precious moments in our lives. Those fleeting moments are the very ones we can’t touch, or measure, are as insubstantial as air, and just as vital.

The intangible forces that impel us onward, drawing us in, uplifting us in dark times, and giving us strength. Hope, compassion, optimism- these ephemeral things and more are the inspiration for these art jewelry pieces.

Ephemera are the breath of life, the breeze that fills our sails, and the zephyr that unfurls the flag over the battlefield. As precious as the patient sigh behind a Mother’s smile, or the calm after the storm that rages, these fleeting moments are what bind our lives together. It fills our lungs, and dances through our lives, leaving no traces…

Each piece in this series uses sinuous hand forged sterling silver lines to explore flow and current, and may feature an artisan cut cabochon, or forged gold accent.