The Perfect Return Policy

Because E-Commerce isn’t perfect

Sometimes, even though you really really really want to love the jewelry I made for you, it just wasn’t exactly what you were expecting. Or it didn’t fit quite right. Or you thought the stone was going to match your favorite cardigan… but it really doesn’t. Because shopping online isn’t a perfect experience.

And you’re unhappy.

Ecstatic Customers are My Goal in Life

In fact, making people unhappy is basically anathema to my reason for being an Artist in the first place! So I work very hard to make sure my customers are happy.

So without further ado… my return policy.

The Perfect Return Policy

If you’re less than thrilled with your jewelry- for any reason, and at any time–  I want you to let me know immediately, so I can start working on making you happy.

Scenario 1

You just opened the box… and it wasn’t exactly the color you thought it was. Or the length of the earrings is too short. Or too long! Whatever it is- you’re not happy.

Not a problem! Within the first 7 days of receiving your new jewelry, I’ll be happy to give you a full refund, minus any shipping charges.

No really- that’s all there is to it!

Scenario 2

It’s been less than 45 days.

It’s still not a problem, and I want to work with you to make it right. Any undamaged item that is not a custom order can be returned for 45 days. You will receive the purchase price, minus shipping, and a 25% restocking and cleaning fee, as soon as I receive the return.

Due to their nature,  custom orders are regrettably excluded. Items with inflicted damage are not returnable. I will, however, be happy to repair them for you. See Option 3, below, for details.

Scenario 3

It’s been a really long time.

Like several years, and something happened. You’re not quite sure how, but somehow a wire broke, or the stone… Well.

It’s still not a problem. Seriously. I offer lifetime repairs on all of my work. Fill out the contact form, I want to make you happy too!

Wait- what do you mean ‘Lifetime Repairs’?

Jewelry is designed to be worn. And because of that, sometimes damage occurs. Believe me, I understand. But most regular jewelers have never seen work like mine, and for that reason, I really want to do my own repairs for my collectors.

What’s covered

For normal wear and tear damages, I will only charge you for the materials or shipping that is used. Materials include things like a replacement chain, replacing a broken wire, or replacing a stone- but I’ll be happy to do the repairs themselves free of charge.  Please note- custom cut stones are not always exactly replacable. But I’ll do my best!

What’s NOT covered

I love every piece that I make, so if I receive an item to repair that has been damaged through severe negligence, mistreatment, or neglect- I will be extremely unhappy, and I will charge you the full cost for my time for the repair as well as the materials.

Strike damage (cracked or chipped stones) to any gemstone is not covered. 

Either way- just tell me.

15 + 2 =

Because if you’re not happy, I’m not happy.

Let’s talk.