Jewelry Designed by Kaelin Cordis

Artist Jewelry Designer Kaelin Cordis of Kaelin Design

My goal is to inspire women to create deeper connections, and discover the inherent beauty in their own life’s struggles.

-Artist Kaelin Cordis

All women struggle, fail, and succeed. Each life holds the flow of memory, the triumph of strength, and the depth of loss and fear. For every person, these experiences are fresh and new, and can make one feel alone, and set apart. But we can take strength in connections made, struggles shared, and the experiences we seek. I celebrate that strength.
Turbulence Pendant, Jewelry Designed by Kaelin Design

I design my jewelry as an exploration of those shared experiences, and the connections we make with the world around us. My work uses forged precious metals to illustrate the flow of emotion and thoughtfulness in our lives, and the meaningful interactions we seek. By creating forms that flow and embrace angular gemstones, my goal is to inspire women to create deeper connections, and discover the inherent beauty in their own life’s struggles.

About Kaelin

I am an artist in search of beauty. After moving 34 times as a child, I’ve seen most of the United States, and have come to value the beauties of life both large and small.

For most of my life, I thought I’d be an author like my mother. The power of the written word was heady stuff, but when I was 15, I fell in love with the medium of metal. Steel and copper, specifically. The adrenaline rush of forging metals into beautiful curvilinear organic forms felt like discovering my own superpower, and my whole life changed. Despite acquiring 27 blisters the first time I forged, I was determined to become a smith. The more I learned about ancient forging techniques like mokume gane and damascus steel, the more my dreams revolved around the ring of my hammer, and the gleam of forged metals. I created life size forged steel and copper roses, along with raised copper vessels, mastering hammer techniques, and exploring design. And with every sculpture I created, I searched for unique beauty.

It was with the discovery of artisan carved and faceted gems that turned me away from forging steel, and set my feet on the path of creating art sculptures in the form of jewelry. Each piece is still lovingly forged by hand, though I’ve traded in my 3 pound blacksmith’s hammer for a 9 ounce jeweler’s hammer, my dreams now reflect the gleam of delicately forged silver and gold.

With every piece, I tell a story of connection. Each design is a reflection on the lessons to be learned by exploring the world around us, in the search for beauty.

Celebrate You

Each piece I create celebrates an innate aspect of womanhood that is deeply important on an emotional and spiritual level. We are the driers of tears, the comforters of nightmares, and the helpmeets. We are the cradle where God creates life, and the caretakers of all of His children. My artwork celebrates these aspects, and many more, with joy.

I now live in Rogers, Arkansas with my husband, two children, and our dog.

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