A Bracelet for Every Occasion

An elegant adornment that is perfect with everything and every occasion. Because there’s nothing quite like a wrist full of gleaming bangles, or a sparkling diamond bracelet to bring the final touch of beauty to your day. A forged cuff to make a statement of strength, perhaps. Or maybe a delicate charm bracelet that jingles cheerfully, and keeps your memories close.

Bracelets are the best jewelry to show your personality, and have a little fun. Who doesn’t love a stack of bangles, or a beautiful gemstone cuff? I have personally hand forged each of these bracelets in my Arkansas art jewelry studio. Each bracelet is unique, and uses only recycled precious metals and ethically sourced gemstones.

As always, I’ll be happy to make a bracelet to your exact specifications. From bangles to cuffs, tennis bracelets or charm bracelets- I love them all. They’re the perfect accessory to every occasion!

Can I interest you in a Custom Bracelet?

Sometimes you just don’t see what your heart really wants. The designs are beautiful- and would be perfect!- if only…. I’ve been there myself. One of my first projects was a forged silver cuff that was exactly what I’d always wanted. Go ahead- fill out the form and tell me what you really want. Do you want a light and airy 18K gold knit cuff with black diamonds? What about a charming Western style turquoise bangle? Whatever you’d like-  I’ll be happy to make it for you!

Gold Knit Cuff with Black Diamonds by Kaelin Design