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How I Do Shipping

A Special Note for 2020

All orders will ship on Monday or Thursdays. Expedited Shipping will be unavailable until August 1, 2020.

Because I have this radical idea that you want your package just as soon as is physically possible, but you don’t want to spend a million dollars extra so I can ship it via Super Sonic Jet. So I’m going to walk you through what happens…

I love to pull out all the stops when I send you your package. You’ve chosen a Kaelin Design original piece for your very own- and I think it very shoddy to charge for mailing it to you! So all orders that ship to the United States are lovingly delivered to your doorstep free of charge.

After I carefully gift wrap your new jewelry, I package it in a sturdy shipping box nestled in as much recycled packing paper and air pillows as will fit in the box, and send it zipping along the lanes to your doorstep.  Wrapping and prepping your package for order takes about 1-2 business days.

And don’t worry. As I’ve invested so much time in each piece, and as you’ve invested your hard-earned dollars, all pieces are tracked in transit. So we both have peace of mind!


But what if I need my package sooner?

I understand that sometimes you need your package right away.

I am more than happy to help you receive your package with as much instant gratification as possible! How it works is this- you select Expedited Shipping on your order at checkout, and pay a deposit of $49.95. I get notified of your order, and I immediately collect shipping quotes to your address, and contact you to see exactly how much of a rush you would like.

For Example: You place your order at 10am, and want your new jewelry the next day before noon.

I find that it will cost $86 to ship your package via the UPS Store to you in Prairie City, Oregon, arriving by 10am the next day. I will pay $10 of your shipping charges, deduct the $49.95 you’ve already paid, and invoice you for the balance of $26.05. You pay the Paypal invoice, and I take your package immediately to my local UPS Store. The next day your friendly neighborhood UPS driver, Bob, knocks on your door, and hands you your package, just in time for you to leave for your cruise in the Bahamas.

Wait- Just in time? It's not guaranteed?

No. I am not in control of any of my Shipping vendors, and cannot guarantee shipping times. If, for some unknown reason, your expedited package is delayed, I cannot be held responsible for that. I will move Heaven and earth as much as is possible, but sometimes packages are delayed. Expedited shipping is not refundable. But if you pay for Expedited Shipping, I will do my very best.

Just as a note- if the actual expedited shipping costs turns out to be less than $49.95, I will of course refund you the additional shipping charges.

International Shipping Available

to any country that allows the import of Precious Metal Jewelry
Unfortunately, I have discovered that some countries do not allow the import of jewelry containing precious metals. I have also discovered that shipping varies quite dramatically from country to country. And I discovered all of this the hard way! So I cannot offer complimentary international shipping. However….

I am pleased to offer a $10 Shipping Credit
on all International Orders

Let me give you an example.

My Apologies.

I currently do not ship to the following countries:

  • Taiwan
  • Japan
  • India
  • Poland
  • Ireland

This list is by no means complete, and is subject to change.

Step 1. Ivanna lives in Spain and loves the Phoenix pendant

So she reads my shipping policies, and adds it to her cart. The shopping cart estimates shipping via International Priority Mail at $12 to Spain, and Ivanna pays $2 for shipping after my Shipping Credit is applied.

Step 2. Shipping to Spain

As I process Ivanna’s order, I research Spanish customs requirements, and find that per their import requirements, I must use Express International Shipping, which the shopping cart didn’t calculate for. I call their customs department, and ask, just to make sure.

They confirm this requirement, and I find it costs an additional $67 to mail her package to Spain. Ivanna flinches at the cost, but she still wants Phoenix, and pays the additional shipping. I fill out the numerous customs forms, and hand it over to the Post Office to be mailed.

Step 3. Actual Shipping

Yay! The pendant is winging it’s way across the seas to arrive in Spain’s customs department. Ivanna and I anxiously watch the tracking website for updates.

Step 4. Clearing Customs

Success! After clearing Spain’s Customs, and paying the VAT, Ivanna receives her pendant, and emails me her happy selfie showing me that Phoenix has arrived at her villa, and she is extático!

And I am pleased as punch to know that Phoenix is enjoying the warm Mediterranean sun with Ivanna!

Now, if I haven’t answered all of your questions, or if you’re the slightest bit nervous about figuring out shipping for your country- please don’t hesitate to ask. I am perfectly willing to do the paperwork on shipping quotes before you order anything- and we can check the customs requirements ahead of time too.

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