When I was in high school, I discovered the power of forging metal. The ring of the hammer, the glow of steel, the warmth of copper all flowed together, and made me feel so powerful. The discovery of custom gems and minerals a few years later forever changed the way I approached my artwork. I am heavily influenced by the natural world. The ripple of water, the gleam of fire’s embers, the awe inspiring reaches of our universe… the splendor of these naturally elegant forms is something that continues to fascinate and inspire.

Having moved 37 times in my life, I look at the world as a whole, rather than individual places. Every place I’ve called home has taught me something new, but also that the important things in life- faith, beauty, friendship, love- are found the world over. The precious life we share connects us in ways most people never realize. I started my journey as a blacksmith, forging steel and copper sculptures before my artistic visions led me down the path of art jewelry. Largely self taught as jeweler, I find myself inventing designs that are sculpture first, and adornment second. They invite you to connect, and be inspired, by the world in which we live, each piece evoking classic elegance in eye-catching forms.

I firmly believe that beautiful design has a unique opportunity to enrich anyone’s life for the better.  When that design is hand forged, unique in every aspect, it creates a narrative greater than the sum of it’s parts- and allows the collector to embrace the beauty and joy of life. This is my goal with every piece I create, my humble efforts to leave the world and the people in it, happier and more connected.

–  Kaelin Cordis

Behind the Scenes

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