Artful Diamond Gold Pendant


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That was the last day of vacation- the last day before heading back into regular life, and all the bustle and hurry of the every day. But for this one moment the world stood still, sighing with contentment and watching the sun set behind the clouds, turning them into a golden river. Watching as the first star came out, faintly shimmering in the early evening gloaming, and felt the peace fall all around…

I forged Artful Diamond as a memory of a perfect fleeting moment, forged silver framing gleaming 14k reticulated gold, and set with a simple champagne diamond. This pendant includes a 14K white gold chain, and an elegant custom created wooden gift box.

Measuring 18.5 inches including the length of the focal pendant, this piece is created using a process metalsmiths call “reticulation”. I have written a short article abut this process to show exactly how amazing this material really is on my blog.

  • Hand forged Sterling Silver
  • Hand Reticulated 14 karat gold
  • 3mm Champagne Diamond
  • One of a kind original
  • Complimentary Gift Wrapping
  • Free US shipping
  • Ships in 2 days
Weight 0.00 lbs