Dark Seas


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Dark Seas roll and crash, endless waves across the face of the deep. Untold secrets hidden in the foam, an endless array of life just beyond, swept along in the blink of an eye.

This labradorite pendant is an exploration of creating depth, both visually and figuratively. I am fascinated by the deep passions we humans have, lying hidden just behind a surface smile.

When you look at someone passing by, do we see them? Sure we can say they’re tall or short, we can give hair color, or eye color- but do you know that person is lead singer in a band? That person rescues endangered birds. Over there is the person who brings umbrellas to the kids at the bus stop near her house, and hey! That’s the guy who’s Mom has dementia, and he calls her twice a day to tell he he loves her.

Big stories and small, every day acts of humanity walk past, hidden just out of view, behind the cresting waves.

How amazing!

Dark Seas is hand forged in Argentium Sterling Silver, and features a designer cut Labradorite gemstone. Measuring approximately 2 inches across, this one of a kind art jewelry necklace includes an 18 inch sterling silver chain.


In stock

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