Silver Flame


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Imagine the dancing flame of a campfire in the desert after a long day exploring old ruins and abandoned silver mines. The flames leap higher, painted in copper, red, and bronze against the silvery trail of the milky way, and you pick up a stone to remind you of this adventure.

That is the story of Silver Flame. I hand forged this pendant for all the possible adventures that might be- the road trips, the epic journeys, and all the memories to come.

The stone in this pendant is Copper Firebrick. It is not a natural mineral, in the truest sense, but neither was it made on purpose. This stone was created in the smelting furnace of a copper factory in Northern Michigan. It is unique, reclaimed and rescued from a limited resource that would have been destroyed.

Silver Flame is forged in Sterling silver, and stands approximately 1.25″ tall, gracing a 16 inch Sterling silver chain. If you would like a different length, please let me know in the Notes at checkout, and I will add an extender to the chain. Thank you!


In stock

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