There comes a time when you have to admit you were wrong. For me, the time has come. I was wrong.

Before my family jumps all over this opportunity, let me clarify. I was wrong in my approach to design. I have taken great pride in the fact that my work is exclusively one of a kind. It is a source of joy that each piece is completely different, and unique. In recent years, however, this has also been a source of frustration for me, because I’ve been trying to make earrings.

If you look at the majority of earrings out there, you will notice two things. There are usually two earrings. Those two earrings are almost always mirror images… i.e. the same.

I don’t make anything the same.

So this was a real problem for me. I’ve made more earrings than anything else, but I had very few of them in my catalog for one simple reason. They almost always end up in my scrap bin. I was lamenting this fact on facebook and several fans were kind enough to adjust my world view for me.

After much reflection… I realized that what I wanted to make was pieces that were not the same, yet are recognizably of the same type of design. So I started making earrings. Quite a few earrings. In fact, my goal was to make 100 pairs of earrings, and I’m well on my way. Here’s the highlights:

Whimsy Handmade Silver Earrings

Whimsy Silver Earrings

Hand Forged Filigree Leaf Earrings

Filigree Leaf

Moonbeam Hand forged Sterling Silver Earrings


Wind Dance Hand Forged Silver Earrings

Wind Dancer Silver Earrings

Forged Tribal Silver Earrings

Tribal Silver Earrings

Chrysalis Sterling Silver Earrings

Chrysalis Silver Earrings

Circlet Silver Earrings

Circlet Silver Earrings

Hand Forged Silver Earrings

Silver Dancer

Reticulated Silver and Citrine Earrings

Reticulated Citrine

I’ve had so much fun with this idea that not only am I designing co-coordinating earrings right and left- pun intended, I’m also designing whole series of pieces. Co-oordinated pendants, rings, bracelets- the works! It’s amazingly liberating. As I add the new pieces to the catalog, I’m adding the related pieces as well under the heading “You May Also Like”. I suggest starting with these earrings, and see where they lead you…