All of my art jewelry pieces are hand forged by me in my studio. I design each piece by drawing inspiration from the world around us, then use recycled sterling silver and reclaimed 14k and 18k gold to frame and feature ethically sourced gems and cabochons from all over the world. Every piece in my collection is unique, and will not be created again.

Unique jewelry forged to last a lifetime.

I firmly believe that art jewelry is more than just beauty to be worn. It may be a memory, a connection felt, or an abiding inspiration- but the meaning you find in each piece something that is vitally important to you. Please explore my collection, and find the piece that means the world you.


  • Silver Dancer forged Silver Earrings by Kaelin Design

    Silver Dancer

    $25.00 Quickview
  • Moonstruck forged silver earrings by Kaelin Design


    $25.00 Quickview
  • Spindrift Silver Earrings by Kaelin Design


    $25.00 Quickview
  • Nautilus Earrings by Kaelin Design


    $25.00 Quickview
  • Simple Discs Forged Silver Earrings

    Simple Discs

    $25.00 Quickview
  • Captured Turquoise Art Pendant by Kaelin Design


    $145.00 Quickview
  • Sunlight Yellow Fluorite Pendant by Kaelin Design

    Sun Light

    $95.00 Quickview
  • Firelight Garnet and Forged Gold Pendant by Kaelin Design


    $975.00 Quickview
  • Storm Chaser Mens Jasper Pendant by Kaelin Design

    Storm Chaser

    $215.00 Quickview
  • Turquoise Waves forged silver Art Pendant by Kaelin Design

    Turquoise Waves

    $135.00 Quickview
  • Off Kilter Asymmetrical Peridot and Silver Art Jewelry Ring by Kaelin Design

    Off Kilter

    $95.00 Quickview
  • Opal Flight Fine Art Jewelry Pendant by Kaelin Design

    Opal Flight

    $125.00 Quickview
  • Take Flight Tiger's Eye Fine Art Pendant by Kaelin Design

    Take Flight

    $148.00 Quickview
  • Whisper of Smoke Welo Opal and Gold Designer Pendant by Kaelin Design

    Whisper of Smoke

    $425.00 Quickview
  • Eye of the Storm Labradorite Fine Art Designer Pendant by Kaelin Design

    Eye of the Storm

    $80.00 Quickview
  • Ocean's Deep Gem Silica Fine Art Jewelry Pendant by Kaelin Design

    Ocean’s Deep

    $95.00 Quickview
    Material: .
  • Capturing the Wind Men's Fine Art Pendant by Kaelin Design

    Capturing the Wind

    $120.00 Quickview
  • Ocean's Song Druzy Fine Art Pendant by Kaelin Design

    Ocean’s Song

    $340.00 Quickview
  • Ocean's Spray Larimar Blue Fine Art Pendant by Kaelin Design

    Ocean’s Spray

    $125.00 Quickview
  • Shadows Black Druzy Fine Art Earrings by Kaelin Design


    $235.00 Quickview
  • Water's Peak Fine Art Jewelry Topaz Pendant by Kaelin Design

    Water’s Peak

    $145.00 Quickview
  • Serenity Fine Art Jewelry Pendant by Kaelin Design with Moss Agate in Sterling Silver


    $145.00 Quickview
  • Wisp Fine Art Pendant by Kaelin Design in Petrified Palmwood and Sterling Silver


    $185.00 Quickview
  • Interstellar Marcasite Fine Art pendant by Kaelin Design


    $350.00 Quickview
  • Windswept Druzy Handmade Pendant by Kaelin Design


    $145.00 Quickview
  • Keeper of the Flame Opal Pendant

    Keeper of the Flame

    $794.00 Quickview
  • All the Stars Blue Diamond Fine Art Jewelry Pendant by Kaelin Design

    All the Stars in the Sky

    $975.00 Quickview
  • 243914800.jpg

    Wide Leaf Earrings

    $25.00 Quickview
  • 243954903.jpg

    Forged Earrings

    $25.00 Quickview
  • 245720424.jpg

    Filigree Earrings

    $25.00 Quickview
  • 245720284.jpg

    Feathered Filigree Earrings

    $25.00 Quickview
  • 239772520.jpg

    Elegant Every Day Flow Earrings

    $25.00 Quickview
  • 243914673.jpg

    Dancer Earrings

    $25.00 Quickview
  • Summer Nights Fine Art Jewelry Pendant with Rhodochrosite and Citrine by Kaelin Design

    Summer Night

    $165.00 Quickview
  • Rhodochrosite and Ruby Pretty in Pink Pendant

    Pretty in Pink

    $155.00 Quickview
  • Reticulated Memories Fine Art Jewelry Peridot Pendant by Kaelin Design

    Reticulated Memories Peridot Pendant

    $95.00 Quickview
  • boulder-opal-nebula-art-pendant

    Opal Nebula

    $320.00 Quickview
  • 261034979.jpg

    Golden Flame Sphalerite

    $550.00 Quickview
  • Artful Diamond by Kaelin Design Fine Art Jewelry

    Artful Diamond Gold Pendant

    $880.00 Quickview
  • 2984602.jpg


    $48.00 Quickview
  • Andalusite-Gold

    Gleam of Light

    $245.00 Quickview
    Materials: , .
  • amethyst-flame

    Amethyst Flame Earrings

    $165.00 Quickview

As a token of my appreciation- all orders between now and December 31st include a free pair of silver earrings. Thank you for being wonderful collectors.