Designer Art Jewelry is more than just adornment to be worn. It is a memory, a connection felt, and an abiding inspiration- but the meaning you find in each piece is something that is vitally important to you. More tangible than a painting, more inviting than a sculpture, Art that is jewelry invites you to touch, explore, and make it your own. Jewelry that is Art can reach right into your soul and strike a chord, changing the way you feel about about jewelry forever.

Please explore the collection, and find the piece that means the world to you.

Art Jewelry by Kaelin Design


Ephemera is a designer art jewelry series that explores the most precious moments in our lives. Those fleeting moments are the very ones we can’t touch, or measure, are as insubstantial as air, and just as vital.

Elemental Fire and Light

Inspired by the flicker of passions in our lives, the warmth of love, the light of joy- these designer art jewelry pieces are more than simple pieces of adornment. They are designed to showcase and celebrate all that we hold most precious in our lives.