One of the cornerstones of my work is that my jewelry is unique. I make each piece only once, and while some pieces are similar, no one else has exactly the same piece. Recently a lady couldn’t decide if she should buy one of my pendants that she really loved. I, of course, thought she should, but I don’t push people if anyone is really undecided. Artist that I am, I would rather someone not buy a piece unless they truly love it because it speaks to them in some way.

After some discussion, we discovered that she not only really loved my pendant, she also loved taking fashion trends and making them her own. Her problem was that my jewelry is considerably different from the current trend of heavy chunky jewelry. She was having trouble seeing past the trend to how she could incorporate my jewelry into her look. I gave her some suggestions, and examples of how I wear my jewelry, and she promptly lit right up with her own ideas and fashion tweaks. All she needed was a slight change in perspective.

So without further ado, here are some ideas of how to incorporate my jewelry into your look. With Autumn right around the corner- and already in full swing at my shop!- I’ve paired my pieces with chunky knits, tall boots, and luscious textures. If you really see something you love, I’ve added the product links in captions below the images.

Falling Autumn Leaves

Gilded Glam

Stepping into Fall