Champagne Ball Gown and Diamond Jewelry

Champagne and Diamonds via High Style by Kaelin Design

Women I talk to seem to have this idea that you can only be elegant in a ball gown, dressed to the nines, and wearing gobs of high end diamond jewelry. Something like this picture.

I think we can all agree that the model is definitely very elegant. She looks like she feels beautiful, and wonderful- and who wouldn’t in a gorgeous outfit like that? But unless you’re a Vogue model on your way to the photo shoot, it’s not exactly something you can wear to the office. Or to run a few errands.

It’s been a close artistic goal of mine to encourage women to be amazing. To feel beautiful each and every day. To truly feel beautiful, is an internal struggle for many of us. We have to mentally prepare ourselves to be beautiful, not allowing our doubts or our fears to overcome our sense of self. To be very honest, Fashion, clothing, and jewelry really has nothing to do with that, deep down inside where it really counts. However.

I think our exterior choices can reinforce our internal decisions- and clothing and jewelry can make a very real difference in our sense of happiness. When we pick the bright red scarf to wear because it makes us smile, or the soft cashmere sweater because the softness makes us feel cozy, we are choosing a tangible something that reinforces a good concept within ourselves.

I’ve seen it time and time again, with my jewelry. One of my clients finds that piece that makes her eyes light up, and her smile is brighter and more brilliant as she puts her new jewelry on. She is happy, and because of that, she feels beautiful, making the world around her a happier more beautiful place.

So I’d like to introduce you to a concept. Elegant Every Day. Not just in a ball gown, out for a night on the town. Elegant when you run your errands. Elegant when you hit the office. Not dressing for anyone else- Elegant just for you. Because you are beautiful, and deserve to smile a brilliant happy smile every single day.

Let’s make the world Beautiful.