Recently I came to the realization that I dither way too much. I found this out when I realized I’d been daydreaming over my gemstones for about an hour and had almost all of them spread all over my bench, and I still hadn’t decided what stone to use in the pendant I was making. I also realized that if nothing changed, most of these gemstones were never going to see the light of day outside of my studio, and thus wouldn’t actually be used. Which would be a real shame, because my stones are phenomenal. Case in point, this lovely lab created Alexandrite:


If nothing changed, this 6.25 carat piece of gorgeousness was going to waste in my gemstone case as I dithered over which of my beautiful gemstones to use next. I would get to admire it, but no one else would! I decided I needed help. Not psychiatric, but maybe someone could help me decide which stones to use next. So I posted some of my unset gems and cabochons for sale. Lo and behold, a lovely lady whom I will call Mrs. Alex picked out that truly stunning lab created Alexandrite above and asked me to make a custom pendant.

And I did.


Alexandrite is one of my all time favorite gemstones. Why? Because good Alexandrite is strongly trichroic. Trichroic means that it refracts differently under different tones of light. This particular alexandrite is a stunning mix of blue, raspberry, and amethyst. Which is why the stone shows different colors in these pictures.




I shall really miss dreaming over this stone, but I’m so glad that it’s going to someone who really loves and appreciates the beauty of it. And I am ecstatic that I got the push to actually use this dramatically elegant stone. Thank you very much Mrs. Alex!

If you want to have a custom piece made, or even just to browse my gemstone collection, you can look at my currently listed gemstone category here.