As much as I may tell my kids not to rely exclusively on someone’s outward appearance- it’s a fact of life that we all judge one another on first impressions. Is this person trustworthy? Well he must be- he shook my hand and looked me straight in the eye…

Sometimes this means labeling one another according to stereotype. The woman who wears yoga pants and drives a minivan is a “soccer-mom” whether her children actually play soccer or not. If you stop and think about it though- you’ll realize there’s more you can infer about her than a label. Yoga pants denote an interest in health. That interest, coupled with the presence of children will most likely also denote an interest in organic foods, and ecologically responsible living. This same person will care about the global community, and will most likely be interested in international travel, and international related decor or jewlery.

All of that just by stopping to think about that hypothetical yoga-pant wearing mom loading groceries into the back of her minivan next to me in a parking lot. What we do, wear, drive, and buy says an enormous amount about who we are, and what we care about.

What I’ve come to realize is that the smart woman can take advantage of this principle.

I, as a confident woman, can take the opportunity of my outward appearance and activities to show several things to any person who meets me.

Kaelin the Artist

As a mom, I choose my clothing for comfort and ease of care. But every piece I pick also reflects my love of elegance, luxury, and timeless style. I’ll wear black jeans for comfort, but it’s paired with a really artsy looking black sweater, a gold bangle, and a stunning gold and citrine pendant. Or if it’s a casual occasion, blue jeans and a hand embroidered linen shirt show off my reticulated silver and sapphire pendant to perfection. Anyone who meets me knows- if they stop to think- that I value quality, design, and workmanship. I don’t follow the trends- I follow my intuition and personal style. I tell my story without speaking a word.

How do you tell your story? Is it clear, or quiet. If you feel like sharing in the comments- I’d love to know!