A breath of smoke encircled the creature, glowing embers of living flame flickered in the air, and the spicy smell of cinnamon streaked with silver enveloped me… Here was a Fire Sprite, the living being of fire, dancing in the evening light for purest pleasure. Her laugh echoed in joy, with the sound of leaping strings, and a rumble of drums. Freedom was never so powerfully danced, nor the gift of life so fully celebrated.

Of all the elements, elemental Fire is closest to my heart. The warmth of life given, the molten dance of light and heat, sparks the imagination and leaves the tracing of its passage in my mind’s eye.

Why do I tell you this?

Because there’s a story behind every piece I make, and I tell it to myself as I work. My conscious mind is absorbed in the details of fine forging, and exacting control, giving my imagination free rein to whisper in my ear.

I’ve been talking recently about telling your story. How every one of us lives our life, and shows our strength by our choices. How can you make your choices without knowing the story?