Every so often, something happens- and I just can’t wait until the next day to write about it.

Like today.

Today one of my modest little photos got analyzed on one of my favorite Photography Blogs- Gpix.

I was so totally excited! First, because I always feel I have trouble with my photos, and second, because this picture in particular was so difficult for me!

The photo itself I took in late afternoon next to a large sliding glass door on a partially overcast day. I was trying to give more contrast to my photos, so I was experimenting with different backgrounds for my shots.

I have this black faux-leather chair, and I set it up next to the window for my shots. I sat on the floor, and experimented with different angles to show off the detail of the earrings. I’d taken some shots of a pair of mokume earrings before the holidays that had landed in Etsy’s Gift Guide, so I was trying to replicate that low angle faded into the distance shot that had been so successful.

However, everything was coming out really flat and boring. It was one of those afternoons of “take a few shots, check them on the computer, cry out in frustration, then take a few more shots”.

In the end, I remembered a technique my old art teacher told me about for getting drawing right. She said to draw a scene upside down, and then turn the image over to see where you’re going wrong.

So I turned my camera over, took the shot, and realized that the angles were exactly what I was looking for.

Then I did it on purpose!