I would like to know why we don’t have standardized screws and screwdrivers. Wasn’t it the Civil War when production companies discovered that standardizing parts and designs made things more efficient? Isn’t this 150 years later- and we’re still using odd ball sizes?

From a design standpoint having the right screw for the right design is important. Bolts that are over three inches across for a tanker wouldn’t work on my garden shears, after all. So, yes, I realize that a one-size-fits-all screw for a semi-truck bed would look silly on a pair of eye glasses. Just like I know my jewelry pieces aren’t for everyone, either. Some people want that diamond encrusted platinum chain of bling, while other people prefer handwoven hemp with carved wood beads.

Nothing wrong with either option, don’t get me wrong. It’s to be expected, however, that the people who like those styles are unlikely to enjoy my designs. Doesn’t hurt my feelings a bit, because when it comes to jewelry designs, standardized is the last thing we want.A person is unique, and should have jewelry as uniquely suited to them as their DNA. Your soul has a yen for forged silver and sapphires? Excellent- hop on over to my Jewelry Catalog, and I can help. Looking for carved wooden beads on handwoven hemp? Sorry. Not here, but check out https://etsy.com, they’ve got amazing artists that will create all sorts of interesting things.

My big question though…. as unique and individual as jewelry designs are, surely one of these 50 supposedly¬†universal screwdrivers should fit the bottom of my tumbling machine.