I just love my clients. They bring me the most interesting projects. Like this week, the lady- let’s call her Mrs. Superior- brought me a stone from her little stretch of beach on Lake Superior. “Can you make a pendant around this?”she asked. Of course I can, said I. “Can you do it in gold?” she replied. To which I said, Oh joy and rapture, yes please. Thus starting my new project.

My first step was to study this rather unassuming shore washed pebble. Mrs. Superior has said it would be a remembrance of her favorite section of beach, and all the happy times she spends there, so I wanted to make it very special. But, I didn’t want to waste any gold, so I drafted out the design in silver first.

I had quite alot of fun with it, but I’m afraid I used some rather heavy gauges in order to get the visual scale right. She was understandably not happy at the thought of a $500 pendant for a lake rock. But she loved the design. Hmm, I said.

So after much deliberation, I recreated the design in finer gauges with flat sheet segments to help with the visual weight issues, and mixing 14k yellow gold with 14k rose gold.


Shore Breezes in Gold

… And she loves it. A little bit more on the final polish, some adjustments for fit, and she’ll have her remembrance wherever she may go.

Many thanks to Mrs. Superior for such a fun project!