Autumn is probably my favorite time of year. Between the crisp temperatures, vibrant tree colors, and glorious sunsets, I’d be hard pressed to decide what my favorite part of fall would be… This year, however, it’s even harder, because I’ve finally moved, and my new house is surrounded by trees.

Autumn Trees by Kaelin Design Art Jewelry

Which of course, it being late September, those lovely trees are turning all sorts of gloriously gorgeous tones. So when I woke up this morning, and saw the sun gilding the edges of crimson leaves, I was promptly struck by the need to go and set something crimson in gold. The only problem is, this is what my studio looks like right now.

Moving into my new Shop by Kaelin Design Art Jewelry

Note how all the tools are still in boxes. And that I can’t walk into my studio area.

So today I’ll unpack my tools…. And tomorrow I’ll get to set something lusciously crimson in stunning gold. Almost certainly. Or at least by Friday. Those are alot of boxes…. and there are more behind me not pictured.