Occasionally you ask me if I am a writer as well as a jewelry artist… and I am, actually. Aside from a random mix of short stories- and one very incomplete novel- I primarily write poetry.

For the longest time I didn’t know what I was writing. It didn’t really rhyme. It didn’t have characters. It was just my thoughts, sitting there on paper, a mix of words and phrasing that just wouldn’t leave me alone.

Then a friend of mine started posting poetry every day, and it immediately caught my attention. Oh. THAT’s what I’m writing. Who knew?

You ask me often enough if I write, that I figure you would like to actually read what I write. So here you go. The first of my poems. Seafoam.

Snippets of this is what goes through my head when I forge artwork. Visions of tiny bubbles rushing across the drenched shore, brilliantly shimmering before they are washed away. As soon as I stumbled across this phenomenal image by Samara Doole, I knew it was finally time to share my writing with you.


Seafoam caught among the cracks, dancing in the tide.
Shifting secrets of the depths, flung upon the sands of time.

Shifting with the ocean tide, drifting upon the farthest shores,
An adventurer that breathes beneath the waves,
tossed and pulled by the moon.
Tidal current flows unending, unchanging, unstoppable
and carves the paths upon the heart of the sea.

No, your path is hither and yon,
a delicate journey of grace under pressure,
shimmering with laughter, gilded with sorrow,
awash with purpose, drenched in beauty.

Every eddy shows you are a free spirit,
a breathing uniquity
cast upon the world in marvelous drifts,
more precious than diamonds upon the shores of Creation.

More vibrant than all the secrets of the Sea.