If you know anything about jewelry, you know that for most people, it’s about the gemstones. Those sparkly little bits of color that make us stop suddenly and say, “Wow! What’s that?”

Which is what I did when is saw this:


I must have waxed poetical over the way the light refracted and the apricot depths seemed to glimmer with liquid gold for almost five minutes before the lady got a word in edge wise. I mean, before today, when was the last time you saw a stunning peachy-pink gemstone with golden refractions glimmering in the depths….? It’s a magical stone, absolutely breathtaking in person…. *ahem*

…when I was finally quiet long enough, she told me it was Morganite.

Never having heard of it, I promptly bought all she had, and ran for my gem books. It turns out that Morganite has been around for years- in fact it was discovered in 1900, but it wasn’t called Morganite until 1911 when it was named after J. Pierpont Morgan in honor of his donations to the American Museum of Natural history. It’s a member of the beryl family, like Emeralds and Aquamarines, and rates between 7.5 and 8 on the MOHs scale. Care should be used when cleaning it, of course, and mild soap and a soft cloth are best.


It is a fairly rare stone, but it can have the most amazing shades. From clear flawless glowing pink, to subtle blush colors, this stone has to be the most lady-like stone I’ve ever seen. Elegant, refined, durable, and breathtaking… What more could you ask from a gem?


Why yes, they’re going to look stunning set in gold….