You will have noticed a distinct lack of writing on my blog recently. *ahem* Yes, I do realize it’s been months. No I’m not counting. To be perfectly honest it’s been a rather uproarious few (several… many… okay, lots of ) months. This is my life in boxes, unfortunately. But I have news.

I am finally actually really-for-sure-this-time moving in two weeks. Amazingly enough.

My bench is even in boxes. Even though they are very well-labeled boxes with I-kid-you-not a shipping diagram, it’s very disconcerting to not be able to instantly access my tools and favorite stones. I don’t expect to be able to unpack these boxes for another month at best. I’ve kept out my inventory, but it’s really not the same.

The worst of it is I have a really really awesome small mostly-portable bench. It’s the time that I won’t have while I unpack the rest of my family and other assorted sundries. I am absolutely sure most people would understand the need for precision Lindstrom pliers over toothbrushes and cereal, but my family actually wants food and toiletries. Go figure. 🙂

So in the mean time I’m planning a dinner party to distract myself. This is not as out there as it sounds.

Some of you will know I dearly love to cook complicated-tasting meals for just about any occasion. One of the best occasions, however, is realizing you have to move your pantry and freezer. Everyone has those random items stashed for a “rainy day” in their freezer and pantry. Those same things are often things that just don’t move well. Frozen Filo Dough being one, and my herb garden for another. So in the interest of using up such things, I usually cook extravagantly for my near and dear ones before moving.

This time, I’m making Chicken Korma, Garlic Naan, Cucumber RaitaMango Lassis, and Gulab Jamun with saffron and coriander couscous.  Looks something like this:


I did mention my tools are in boxes right? All that creativity has to go somewhere or I’ll knit a cozy-style cover for my car. Plus it doesn’t take that long to make, but gives me the sense that I’m usefully using up perishables. Which is a great thing when trying to chase down the last few things to accomplish. Cooking aside, I will tell you guys a secret. I am really looking forward to moving. I will miss our friends and the life we’ve had here, but….

There’s talk of a real home office. And dedicated workbenches in the shop as well as dedicated studio hours.  Yay!