… And I have a few really good reasons.  First, amongst a series of illnesses, I’ve been working diligently to consolidate my focus as an artist, and as a result, have completely re-written my website from the ground up.  Part of the new design means that my studio blog is now being hosted here on my website so I can do more fun things with it for my readers, and part of it means that I’ll be streamlining my business stuff so I can have more time in the shop! More jewelry! Yes!

With all the technical code-writing work, and other problems, I realize my posts have been somewhat less than predictable recently, but I’ve decided to come back into my blog with a vengeance. I’m starting a series of theme posts to help me address all sorts of areas of jewelry and metalsmithing without distracting myself from actually posting.

Now, I must also admit to owning a rather staggering amount of perfectionism.  I was always that kid in English class who wrote six or seven rough drafts before finally turning in the paper at the very last minute… And I find it hard to post until I feel an article is as close to perfect as I can make it, content wise.  That article on mokume I wrote?  It took nearly 4 months to write and polish.  Silly, I know, but that’s how I am.

However, I’m hoping the new format will allow me to let go and just write, so here goes:

Forged Sterling Silver

Metal Monday

On Mondays you can look forward to a review of different kinds of metals.  Even with my  post on jewelry terms, I still get questions about different kinds of metals.  So on Mondays, I will feature a particular kind of metal and discuss how it’s used in the creation of jewelry.


Image Courtesy of OmirOnia

Art Happens on Tuesday

Tuesdays I will talk about my impressions and understanding of Artistic versus Business matters.  This will be where I talk about my struggles to balance art and business.  Because I struggle …. ALOT.

Work In Progress

WIP Wednesday

What’s a WIP?  It’s a work-in-progress!  This is where I show you what I’m working on and how my long term projects are progressing.  Be prepared for calls to share too- I want to see your works in progress as well! Maybe we can motivate each other into finishing those long-term projects…

Rodin's Thinker

Image Courtesy of Henkster

Thoughtful Thursday

This weekly post will be a bit different from the others, as I will be searching out the designs and work from other artists who have inspired me during the week.  These artists may be writers, crafters, or musicians- and everything in between… and  I may also have a surprise guest author occasionally!

Pietersite Pendant Detail

Fabulous Feature Friday

In celebration of the end of the work-week, I will be featuring a new fabulous gemstone every Friday.   I love all kinds of different gemstones and cabochons, and here is where I will be sharing my favorites.

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Friday Bonus!

Also on Friday is when I will be releasing my Newsletter with advance notice of new designs and special promotions, as well as the Birthday discounts for the week.  If you’re not a subscriber- you won’t see these of course, so I encourage all of you to sign up, and don’t forget to include your birthday!

So there you go, my game plan for the continuation of the blog!

Have I missed anything?  Knowing me, probably, but this is where I’m letting go my perfectionism.  So I’m asking you to think of something I should write about that I forgot! Comments are open, and I look forward to your help!

What do you want to see me write about?