Many artists are inspired by their surroundings. How many paintings of the canals of Venice have you seen? How many poems have been written about Spring? For all those artistically minded people who wondered where I receive my inspirations…. Here are just a few of the reasons behind my pieces.

Space Dust Druzy Art Pendant

“Space Dust” Titanium Blue Druzy, Sterling Silver, Patina

When I saw this stone, my immediate thought was that a piece of the heavens had fallen to earth and lay sparkling before me. I still envision this stone flying through space, trailing motes of light and twinkling in the heavens.

Agate Filigree Art Pendant

“Agate Filigree” Sterling Silver, Crazy Lace Agate

When I think of a new design, I am most strongly influenced by the play of linear elements. It always seems as though I am sculpting both the positive silver lines, and the negative space they embody. When I can sculpt these spaces and lines around a stunning stone… All I do is smile.

Agate Filigree Art Pendant

“Rain Fall” Sterling Silver

One of my favorite activities is watching the rain fall on a misty day, where beads of moisture trickle down a window pane in shimmering silence. To capture in silver such an ephemeral moment of beauty is truly a rewarding experience. I created Rain Fall pendant in an attempt to share that feeling.

Smoke and Mirrors Silver Art Pendant

“Smoke and Mirrors” Sterling Silver, Patina, Cubic Zirconia

Once when I was camping on a cool clear night, I watched the smoke from our fire rise above the tree tops and twine itself amongst the stars. This Smoke and Mirrors pendant is the result.

I am considering adding another weekly post about artistic inspirations, so if you enjoyed learning about my motivations, I would love to know about it! This possible new post would be open to all artists, so if you would like to be considered, please comment either below or on my studio’s Facebook Fan Page.