Don’t you just love packages? Whether it’s your birthday, Christmas, or just because, receiving a brightly wrapped package from a loved one is one of life’s ultimate pleasures. What is it? They obviously went to a lot of trouble… What could it possibly be? I like the ones that don’t have any occasion at all. Those Just-because-I-was-thinking-of-you packages.

This is where one of the best parts of my job comes in. I get to wrap packages. In fact, I get to wrap sumptuous, elegant, beautiful packages- and it’s my gift to my customers. Just because.



I always ask if there’s a particular color my customer would like. This week was so fun because they said, “Why yes!” I probably spent more time wrapping their packages than most business people would recommend- but I know how exciting it is to get a beautiful package. How could I resist?

Why do I mention this? Well, aside from wanting to share my excitement about gift wrapping, every year I choose a color scheme for my gift wrap. I start in October because some people like to give my jewelry as unexpected Thanksgiving presents. I always use my lovely black boxes, and add from there. The last several years I’ve gone with double-faced black satin ribbon and metallic silver curling ribbons… What do you think? Should I keep going, or change it up a bit?

What kind of packages do you like?