Expectations are tricky things. Great Expectations are phenomenally, amazingly, absolutely wonderful!

Why, you ask?

Let me explain. I always expect myself to do my very best work, be it writing an article for you, or creating my current amazingly elegant pendant. My expectations drive me to obsessively polish every detail, and agonize over every turn of phrase- in a good way. I only want to give you the best, after all. But I also don’t want to let you down, so sometimes I take a little too long on those details….

Today I was featured at Firepole Marketing as a blogger to watch in 2013. A rising star in my field. That’s not just an expectation, that’s a great expectation!

I feel like the whole world is waiting to watch me do amazing things, and there’s just no way I’m not going to do amazing things. It’s incredibly exhilarating.

Just watch me go!

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