Inspiration is sometimes a bolt of lightning from a new experience, or a blinding flash of insight into an everyday occurence. For me, contrary as I am, it’s most often both. I’ve loved this powerpoint for the longest time. It’s powerful, well crafted, stunningly beautiful, and has excellent music, even if it’s Geneva, not Geneva City.

I saw it for the first time years ago- but I stumbled across it again this week in my files, and suddenly saw something I’d never noticed before… These stunning swaths of sparkling ice almost seemed reminiscent of flames frozen in mid flicker, with all the elegant and ephemeral beauty of both fire and ice….

hmmm… what about frozen flames of silver with sparkling sapphires….

Fire and Ice Pendant by Kaelin Design Art Jewelry

.. and a glorious green diamond surrounded by molten silver frozen in time?

What do you see frozen in the ice?