This week I was inspired not by a metalsmith, gemstone, or view of my garden, but the description of a fantastically beautiful transparent bar of soap. I know.  It’s soap! How inspiring can it be?

Storm Soap by Crown of Rue

Sea Spray Soap by Crown of Rue

Pretty spectacular looking, right? Now some of the texts that go with them:

Smells like an evening rainstorm after a hot summer day.

Ozone, fresh greens, lemon and apple combined with cedar, jasmine, lavender, violet and lilac highlighted with a soft musk.

Sexy and stormy – and great for men too!


My own combination of China Rain fragrance oil (roses and sandalwood), marine, oak moss, and fresh greens.

After reading those descriptions from Crown of Rue,  the sensory input was so strong, I had to pull out my note book and sketch out a series of Stormy Sea inspired pendants and brooches.

Storm and Sea inspired Designs

You’ve probably already noticed that I love the rain, from my Rain Fall series, but somehow I never considered my  equal love for storms.  Cozy sweaters and hot cups of tea or coffee while the lightening flashes and rain pours down are some of my favorite times- and soon they will be jewelry!

And if you love that soap as much as I do, you can you can get it from Crown of Rue here or here!