Mr. Tennis Ball (using the internets)

Goodness gracious, I thought I’d never get all the loose ends tied up on my database. When I originally put this site together, I knew next to nada about how to do it. With the help of some extremely talented developer friends, I learned all sorts of esoteric skills. What’s more, I’ve come to really enjoy maintaining and tinkering with my website. There’s something innately satisfying about commanding a complex machine to do your bidding. Shades of mad scientists aside, it takes patience, skills, and a highly compulsive attention to details to properly create anything out of ones and zeros. The sheer amount of time that mysteriously vanishes while one is play- manipulating those ones and zeros is staggering, however. Which is why all those developers who do this as a career are severely underpaid. 🙂

I’m happy to report that the bulk of the site and posts have been restored, and I can finally raise my head, look around and say….

“Hey, look! There’s life away from the computer!”

Who knew?