Be unique Name tag

Do you make a Statement? Do you as a person think about what you’re telling people every day?  I’m not talking about saying, “Hi, my name is Bob.” This is a ‘little s’ statement.  No I’m talking making a Statement– “I’m Bob the most amazing person you’ll ever meet and here’s why…” See the difference? If you just said, No, you don’t make that kind of Statement… Are you sure about that?

As a society, we make decisions for all sorts of reasons- but our first decisions are most influenced by what we see around us. Everyone knows first impressions are important, and most people will tell you you have to keep living up to that first impression.  But how do you get beyond an impression, and into really making a statement? And why should you care?

It’s all about subtlety.

No, really, it is.  A statement doesn’t have to be a huge screaming neon sign that’s fifty feet tall- it can be a quiet and reserved whisper. For example…

mouse made mountain

mouse made mountain by spysgrandson
Adams The Tetons and the Snake River

Adams The Tetons and the Snake River from Wikimedia Commons

Both images are of mountains. Both make a statement- but they are both uniquely different. I know people who would look at that rather astonishing orange mountain and say “Yes! That’s me!!” They are bright, vibrant people who care passionately about every detail around them and live life to it’s fullest.  I also know people who  would look at the Ansel Adam picture and say  with quiet reserve and intensity, “No, that one’s me…” and they are also bright, vibrant people who care passionately about every detail around them and live life to it’s fullest but in a totally different way.

These two very different groups of people make two entirely different declarations simply by existing. They can’t help it.  Every action you take, in every single way says something about you as a person. From the clothes you wear, to the car you drive, to the pages you like on Facebook- people are listening to the statements you make.

I’ve started to notice that the statements I see people making are continuing in an increasingly homogenized direction.  Second example-  I keep seeing the same girl in my town. She’s somewhere between 13 and 25, 5’5″, 115 pounds or so, has this shaggy hair style and she’s usually some form of brunette.  Except, it’s actually probably closer to 100 people I keep seeing that look almost exactly the same.  They’re trying to look exactly the same.  Their statement is sameness, and it doesn’t have to be that way!  Now, I know this is probably an extreme example, but still.  For someone like me, who believes that every person is uniquely amazing in some way-it’s not just confusing,  this is down right disheartening.

I’m not unique in noticing this. Great bloggers like Seth Godin talk about this trend all the time.  He writes articles and books that are more succinct and thought provoking than I ever will be because he’s an excellent and insightful author. But I’m an artist. I create  jewelry that practically jumps out from the crowd and makes a bold statement of presence to whomever sees it.  And this is my blog- so my initial reaction is to draft a declaration of uniqueness in text as I do in metals. To design a statement  that can be a starting point for true originals:

You are your own person. You are individual. You are different than the next person. You are an exclusive original. There have been, are, and will be more people than there are stars in the sky, and each person is separate and distinct from the next. You are not a clone. You are actually unique- don’t hide that!  Refuse to blend in. Let your statement be your own.

Now, I’m not saying you should wear neon striped leggings and combat boots with 6 inch soles so you stand out from the crowd… unless that’s who you are- then more power to you!  No, all I’m saying is when you walk through this world, remember that you are unique.  Carry yourself as a special, irreplaceable person should.  Stand out from the crowd in a way that shows the world who you are. Design your declaration for you and you alone.

What’s your Statement?