Last year I had the wonderful task of creating a series of pendants for one of my best customers. We’ll call her Mrs. Calgary. She didn’t order them for herself- but for the members of her family. It was an enormous amount of fun.

2014 Elegant Christmas packaging
First she picked Glacier out of my catalog, which features a very unique laser cut Blue Topaz.


Then we spent quite a bit of time drool- ah, browsing through my gemstone collection before settling on some of my more unusual pieces. Then I was tasked with creating unique designs for each of them!


After a few false starts in production, I created these….

Celadon Green Topaz pendant by  Kaelin Design

Phoenix Ember pink topaz pendant by Kaelin Design

Breaking Dawn yellow topaz pendant bay Kaelin Design

Fire Light Fluorite and Sapphire Gold Pendant by Kaelin Design

All in all, it was a fun, challenging project, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Many thanks to Mrs. Calgary for the opportunity!