I have a weakness. Okay, I have lots of them, but for the last several days my weakness is reading. Specifically, reading anything( and everything!) by Patricia McKillip. I’ve read nearly all of her stories before, but in the last several evenings, I’ve re-read The Bell at Sealey Head, Od Magic, Solstice Wood, The Changeling Sea and Harrowing the Dragon. Bolstered by the simply astonishing writing and visuals, I had to share.

It’s not just the amazing writing that transports a reader instantly into far off magical places that glow with the light of endless possibilities…. but the absolutely stunning cover art as well.
<img src=”https://kaelindesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/thebellatsealeyhead.png” alt=”The Bell at Sealey Head Cover Art” />

I ask you- who could really pass up reading a book that looks like this? The instant the cover catches your eye, the story reaches out from the pages and starts whispering in your ears of high adventure, unlikely magic, and wonder. I’ve started taking the long way around the bookshelf when I actually have things I must do. Like sleep. It’s hard, though, as the bookshelf is right next to my bed, and is within arms reach. Perhaps I could sleep in the living room…

*This book’s cover art is the property of Penguin Publishing and the artist. I in no way own any rights to the art. I just thought it was extremely pretty. If you want a copy for yourself, this non-affiliate link to Amazon will help you find one: Patricia McKillip Books.

I, of course, highly recommend The Bell at Sealey Head. It’s my favorite.