Not Different Just Special

I came across this quote from Oscar Wilde today:

Be yourself, because everyone else is taken.

I’m not a celebrity.  Did you know that?  Probably, I would think…

I’m not Sandra Bullock, Audrey Hepburn, or Norah Jones.  I have an aging Honda, not a Ferrari.  I’m nobody unusual, and I will probably never grace the cover of InStyle magazine, or attend the Oscars.

I’m just Kaelin-  jeweler, metalsmith, and Mom.  So why should you care about me, or what I write?

Because I’m passionate, and I want you to be passionate as well.  I want you to look on the world a little happier, and to feel more amazing because of something I’ve written, or because of something I’ve made.

There’s probably all kinds of hubris in that- but that’s why I write this blog, post to Facebook, and do all my other “social activiities”.  I want to help people feel special, elegant, beautiful, and unique.

Do I think Jewelry and metalsmithing is going to save someone’s life, or cure hunger? No.  But I think that there are many people who don’t feel confident enough, or happy enough, or special enough to break out from the mold and be themselves. And that is what I want to change.

I’m probably never going to change the whole world , or the outlook of millions of people- but I think I can change the outlook of at least one person.  And that is enough.