Part of being an artist who sells their work involves finding people who enjoy the work to start with and listening to their responses. To that end, I did my very first Art Festival as a professional Artist this last weekend. The crowds were fantastic, the bands were pretty good, and I won the People’s Choice Award! I met some amazing people who gave me wonderful feedback about my pieces, but I noticed most people didn’t know about, but were very interested in, some of the more technical aspects of my work. To help with that, tomorrow’s post will be about the creation and setting of Druzy Quartz Cabochons. In the mean time, I thought I would share my favorite experiences from this weekend.

I made friends with the artists around me, who one and all were very friendly. Matt Sackett, photographer, was particularly nice as quite aside from his wonderful photos, he brought his Ipod and played Earth, Wind, and Fire among other great bands throughout the weekend.

I met one of the owners for Northbridge Gallery in Smithville, MO who will be featuring my work for the upcoming Christmas season. I’m really looking forward to working with this lovely gallery.

My absolute favorite thing from the weekend, however, was the location of the fair itself. It was held at Zona Rosa which is a fabulous shopping/dining/loft living development that I really fell in love with. The winding tree-lined avenues amongst the fabulous shopping were good, but the way the area comes alive at night with Jazz artists and people out strolling and laughing was really wonderful. I felt like it was a little neighborhood where people really took the time to get together and have fun… I am really looking forward to next year!