Well until I find the rest of my boxes, and the miscellaneous garage stuffs get moved out of my studio niche and into the garage- this is as good as it’s going to get…. For now.

Jewelry Shop workbench by Kaelin Design Fine Art Jewelry

I did however, decide this is going to be really an awesome place to work. I’m afraid I got carried away…

An Ode to my Bench

Unassuming, yet strong and steady,
My little workbench stands.
I carved out a space for her,
With my own devoted hands.

She gleams in subtle woodsy tones,
This humble jewelry bench-
I stand admiring her linear grace,
That no tool dare impinge

I work upon the polished planks,
In feverish artistic zeal,
Creating glimmering jewelry
In shades of crimson, gold, and teal.

Though thus my bench,
A venerable patina will acquire,
My senses will never cease to delight,
Nor my artist’s heart e’er tire.

Through the passing years of work,
My bench and I will age.
Let the inspiration never cease to flow-
Each piece as the turning of a page.

Quite unsurpassed by precious stones,
At least in this, my biased eye.
I work in harmony with my bench,
As unnoticed, the hours trickle by.

~Kaelin Cordis     2011