CC Photo of Calice du Sacre Tau

Is there anything lovelier than gold? Gleaming good health imparts a golden glow, the sun is referred to as the “golden orb” in literature, and one can be as good as gold… Of course, the down side are all those pesky wars that were fought for it, and the people killed… but it sure is pretty!

While there are many nice properties for gold, like the fact that pure gold doesn’t tarnish, I personally think that gold is taken too seriously at times. Yes, it’s lovely, it’s somewhat scarce, for a metal worker its nice to work with, and it’s been the historical basis of national currencies around the globe, but why should any of that matter?

What if you could have all the luscious look of gold, without all the cost involved?

Well, Jewelers around the globe have been thinking about this problem for centuries. First they mixed the gold with cheaper metals, then they tried plating, and other overlay techniques. Unfortunately, these options are either still moderately expensive, or unsightly.

That’s all fine and well, for some projects, but what if you just want the look of nice solid gold, with out any of the expense? Modern metalsmithery to the rescue!

Allura Gold from ABI Precious Metals

Lovely, isn’t it?  Fit for a queen, princess, or a night on the town.  It’s called AlluraGold, and it’s made by ABI Precious Metals.  AlluraGold is a patented gold alloy that contains between 5% – 19% gold. The rest is primarily Palladium, which is an affordable branch of the platinum family. Let me see, fully precious metal alloy, gorgeous, 1/3 cost of gold, hmm.  Seems to me… it’s just about better than gold.

Here’s my thinking. In our modern society, the substance of the materials involved in a piece of jewelry are not as important as they once were. We’re seeing rubber jewelry on the cover of Vogue Italia Magazine, for goodness sake.  I don’t know that I could go that far- I love the metals too much! So for those who want a stunning piece of metal jewelry but can’t, or don’t want, to afford the skyrocketing prices of pure gold…

Why not embrace the Allure of Gold, without the cost?

Please note- I have not been asked to write this article by ABI, I’m not an employee of their company, nor am I receiving anything from them.

I’m just opinionated.