Last week I stumbled across a rather interesting new blog, Grace and Ivy.  What’s so interesting is that she takes her readers on a Vicarious Vacation once a week to some exotic locale. She writes so well it’s almost like being there. I’ve had so much fun touring Greece, Spain, and Tuscany, that it started me thinking of all the amazing places in the world that I would visit for Art’s sake. If I were a painter I would go see the Sistine Chapel. If I were a glass blower- Chihuly’s workshop. But I’m a Metalsmith. So here are the places that I would go…

Statue of Liberty under construction

Statue of Liberty under construction.

Guimard Entrance to the Metropolitain 1898

Guimard Entrance to the Metropolitain 1898

Antique Brooch by Unger Brothers

Now- don’t misunderstand, as much as I love these designs, I wouldn’t have as much fun looking at them now. No, I would want to travel the world to look at them being created then. Watching Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi design the Statue of Liberty…. or Hector Guimard creating his iconic subway entrances in New York and Paris… or sitting quietly in a corner of the Unger Brothers’ studio…

That’s what I’d love to go see. Amazing art happening right before my eyes, by mastersmiths. Truly a trip worth taking!

Who’s with me?