It’s that lovely time of year again. Late Summer. The flowers are blooming, the birds are cheeping- and while allergies are in full force, at least our chances of pneumonia and bronchitis are greatly reduced. It was not a good winter, spring, or early summer, unfortunately. With the lengthening days, my girls are enjoying their outdoor fun- and I get to spend some excellent time in the shop.

I’ve been working on a new series, actually, titled “Mermaid”, and it’s going swimmingly if I do say so myself. Groans much appreciated… 🙂 No, these new pieces are my very best work to date- if I do say so myself. Clean swirling lines, exquisite gems- the works. You’ll just have to endure the suspense, for now, however. While I put the finishing touches on those pieces, I thought I’d share something a bit different.

My love for luxury extends into just about every corner of my life. I search for luxe inspiring additions to every nook of my life- without adding unnecessary clutter or expense. Luxury doesn’t have to cost!

Here are the top five most recent things I’ve done to Luxe my Life.

1. Add Flowers

As much as I adore gems that sparkle and glow with color- heading outside and finding my garden awash in a sea of lovely beauty is indescribably luxurious… The best part? Every single one of these plants is drought tolerant as well as insect and disease resistant! A garden that practically maintains itself… Luxe indeed!

2. Take a little time for details

I’m a mom. I have two stunningly silly little girls who are- in my highly biased opinion- wonderful. But, seeing as they are 5 and 7, life is usually extremely busy. Every night, however, I take the time to set the table. I’m not talking about the essentials- plates, forks, etc. Instead, I set the table as if valued guests were coming to dinner. Even if all we’re having is… *sigh*… hot dogs. I have an assortment of easily washable tablecloths, sparkling glasses, and table runners.

The kids are learning to set the table, and allowed to pick their favorite napkin rings. I firmly believe that our girls are learning the value of family dinners because they see my husband and I both place importance on this simple daily activity.

3. Organize your refrigerator like a high-end delicatessen.

Whenever I wander into Panera, or Whole Foods, I’m struck by the way the food is displayed. The strawberries practically glow with tempting juices, and the carrots look like works of healthy art. It makes you want to nibble your way around the counters!

So when I get home, I wash and chop fruits and veggies, and store them in crystal clear containers at eye level in the refrigerator grouped by color. Not only do I feel like my refrigerator is an edible work of art- but I’m very likely to snack on healthy foods when I come in from the shop, instead of making a sandwich or grabbing chips.

4. Set up a nook.


In a tucked away corner of my home there is a chair. It is highly comfortable. On the footstool in front of the comfortable chair, there is a throw. It feels like cashmere. Next to the chair, is a table with three exquisitely beautiful rock specimens. On the table, there are my top five favorite books. Beside the books, there is a beautiful stone coaster, and enough space for a small plate.

To get to this nook, you have to go through the door, and around the corner. The children know that they can’t go through this door, unless by invitation, although they can wave as they go past. This nook is simply…. luxurious, in every way. You don’t need alot of space for a nook, but just knowing it’s there is priceless beyond belief…

I know a woman who set up her nook in a closet. The closet, while tiny, had a window, so it was light, airy, secluded, and quiet. She put in a floor pillow, and a music only iPod, and learned to rejuvenate her life by watching the clouds roll by.

5. Splurge on your friends

I like spending some time on Facebook. If I’m not posting to my page, I’m checking out what my friends are doing. Who’s a new mommy, who posted a new picture- facebook stuff. But when I want to luxe my life, I call someone. I say things like, “I miss you, come for lunch.” Or, “It’s been forever, what’s making you happy today?” It takes more time than clicking a like button, but life is so much better interacting face to face and voice to voice with the ones you love.

I challenge you to try these five things- and to tell me with a straight and honest face that your life doesn’t feel indescribably luxurious. Go ahead. 🙂 I dare you.