Upon the Waters


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2.5 inches in length.



18 inch Argentium Silver chain included.

Upon the Waters is a unique hand forged Silver pendant necklace featuring a one-of-a-kind custom cut blue Topaz. This art piece is inspired by skipping stones across a still pond, watching the ripples spread in every direction. Arcing and swirling in eddies of shimmering silver, reflecting, moving, shimmering upon the waters...

The ripples fascinate- how can one small touch make such a difference? The lightest touch, and everything is affected. Like the smile of a stranger, or an unexpected visit from a friend, that ripples through the day bringing unexpected laughter and joy...

Upon the Waters is a one of a kind art piece, hand forged by Kaelin. This is a one-of-a-kind original, forged for the true collector, in anti-tarnish Argentium Silver.