Storm Clouds


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In the middle of life's storms, it's hard to remember that this too shall pass. When lashed by winds of change, and the tempests of heartache, the beauty and blessings of our lives can seem very remote. Yet high above us, those same clouds that blanket our horizons reach up in endless towering cascades to the Heavens, and have their own beauty if only we remember to look.

Storm Clouds is forged in sterling silver, and frames a unique designer Plume Agate. The detailing in this gem was so striking, I carefully crafted the setting to emphasize the translucency of the stone. Agates are a wonderful blend of opaque and translucent matrices, reminding me of the sun gleaming against towering Cumulo-Nimbus storm clouds.

Storm Clouds measures 2 inches in length, and includes an 18 inch Sterling Silver chain.