Silver Leaves


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In the dark of the deep wood, the light changes to green. The sun cannot reach its beams between the boughs. So it is a startlement when coming upon the glade, dappled green and golden light, and treely giants laid bare and silver in the shadows.

These silver leaf art jewelry earrings capture the silvery edges of willow leaves tossed in the wind. They flow, they shimmer, they dance delightedly in a gentle breeze, sparkling brilliantly in the sun light. The sound of rustling leaves rippling in the wind is one of the most calming, beautiful sounds… the wavering branches dance like silver ribbons in the air, leaves curling their way along the zephyrs.

A one of a kind design, Silver Leaves is hand forged in anti-tarnish Argentium Silver, and measures approximately 1.25 inches from the top of the earwire.


In stock

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