Opal Nebula boulder opal pendant by Kaelin Design

Opal Nebula


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In the depths of the galaxy, a nebula is swirling against the deep black of darkest space. It's glowing arms stretch out, casting new stars in the heavens, and frame the colors of the universe in brilliant light.

This pendant is inspired by the Eagle Nebula. These gaseous clouds are some of the most awe-inspiring images I've ever seen, and when I saw this Koroit Boulder Opal, it reminded me of this image, the awesome power of Creation, and Opal Nebula was born. I positioned a dark glowing Iolite as the new star in the heavens, and set the boulder opal in swirls of gleaming silver echoing the swirls of the nebula.

  • Hand forged Sterling Silver
  • Designer cut 32 carat Boulder Opal
  • 4mm trillion cut dark purple iolite
  • One of a kind original
  • Complimentary Gift Wrapping
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  • Ships in 2 days