Opal Flight Hand Forged Silver and Ethiopian Opal Art Pendant by Kaelin Design Art Jewelry

Opal Flight


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Autumn is awash with crimson leaves trailing through the autumn breezes, and awe-inspiring flocks of breathtaking beauty gilding their wings in the fading light of day. These are all the temporary colors in our golden days of autumn, and I am awestruck by the ephemeral beauty. Shifting winds paint shadows on the autumn landscape, until all that remains are delicate textures in a myriad of patterns.

This Opal pendant is hand forged in sterling silver, with delicate pierced detailing. The opal itself is gloriously speckled with vibrant green pinfire, and is set in a textured silver bezel emphasized with an accent of of darkened sterling coloration. Measuring 1.75 inches in length, this unique art pendant includes an 18 inch Sterling Silver chain.