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The ocean is captivating in all its forms. From the briny deeps to the shallowest tidepool- each face of the ocean is breathtaking and inspiring. All the world is touched in one way or another by the ocean- and yet so much of it is still undiscovered. Mysterious and overwhelming, or gently lapping on sunlit beaches… the ocean is indescribably wonderful.

I see these temporary beauties as a reflection of the multitude of small miracles that make life astonishing. The shifting seas revealing breathtaking beauty, before life sweeps along and reveals something completely different.

Sparking Ice Blue Topaz framed in eddies of Argentium silver sea foam in this unique art jewelry pendant. The perfect mysterious accent, Oceanview measures approximately 1 inch in over all length and includes an 18 inch Argentium silver chain.

What is Argentium Sterling Silver?

Argentium silver is a newer alloy and instead of mixing the fine silver with copper, it’s mixed as 93.5% silver with 6.5% Germanium. This allows the Argentium to be just as strong as traditional sterling silver, but Germanium actually allows the Argentium to create a clear oxide when exposed to air, insulating the silver and allowing the Argentium to resist tarnish.

A Note from the Artist

I am deeply inspired by the forces of water in all it’s forms. From the greatest tsunami to the tiniest tear drop, I think the ebb and flow of water reflects fascinating commentary on our lives ashore. For every ripple, there’s a measure of excitement tinged with uncertainty. For every serene wash of bubbling seafoam upon the shore, a fascinating conversation of ephemeral beauty and microscopic details can be had.

As humans we are so hurried and urgent, yet the tides continue their unceasing paths, swept by the currents, encouraged by the moon. The waves beckon the imagination of sentimental souls, rushing against the shores, forever changing the lands we walk.

I forge these artworks to uplift and inspire. It is my humble intention to enrich the world with uniquely elegant wearable art. With every piece I create, I hope to make someone stop and say, that’s beautiful.

I hope you enjoy Oceanview.


Out of stock