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Ocean Bubbles


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Clear pockets of air surrounded by water gleam iridescent and proud. Collecting as waves crash upon one another, dispersing on the tides. Glimpses of ephemeral froth, shining silver in the sunlight, flicker and disappear, tumbled in the playful waves.

Inspired by the ebb and flow of ocean currents, this Ocean Bubbles Bracelet is hand forged in anti tarnish Argentium Sterling Silver. Each link features a delicate swirl of silver mimicking the current, and is accented with shimmering froth and silver bubbles tossed in the surf.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the ocean is how infinitely changeable and ephemeral the beauty of each wave is that crashes on the shore. No matter how long you gaze at the sea, each wave flows over the next- brilliantly as beautiful as ever. Gaze in wonder, where has that wave been? What shores has it ebbed against, what adventures has it seen…

This unique ocean inspired Art Jewelry Bracelet is adjustable up to 8.25 inches in length, and is approximately 1 inch high at the tallest bubbles. Featuring a secure easy-to-use fold over clasp, this elegant sterling silver accessory is entirely hand forged, and a pure delight to wear.




Out of stock

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