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Knitting has been a part of our world for millennia. Women and men, weaving fibers into necessary objects of  warmth, have created countless yards of fabric. As an artist who knits, I am swept away in the age-old tradition every time I pick up my needles. But delicate fibers wear and fade over time, and in this bracelet, I explore a sense of permanence by creating my knits in wire. Yet, behind every stitch, the ephemeral connection to history and the continuing beauty that is knitting.

Hand knit sterling silver wire is accented with beautiful sterling silver and Peridot gemstone beads, for the perfect accessory. Measuring 1.25 inches tall, and approximately 2.5 inches in diameter, this lovely bracelet is sure to make an elegant addition to every outfit.

This piece will arrive beautifully wrapped via complimentary shipping from my studio to your door anywhere in the world.