Crosscurrents Sterling Silver Paua Art Jewelry Pendant by Kaelin Design



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Turbulent waters of one current flowing into another, the tides and currents in our oceans and seas are unrelenting. A crosscurrent can be incredibly dangerous, but can also create astonishingly awe-inspiring beauty. As with many things in life, it matters less about what the danger is, and more about how you approach and react to the wave. They flow without ceasing, churning our oceans, creating waves… and they wait for no one. Often we want to do something, but hesitate- hoping for that one perfect moment where everything will work. But the tides wait for no one- this is the time to take the plunge, and let them sweep you into a new adventure.

Crosscurrents is hand forged in anti-tarnish Argentium Sterling Silver, and features a gorgeous blue Paua stone tumbling in the waves. Featuring an incorporated 18 inch chain, this unique art jewelry pendant measures approximately 1 5/8 inches wide.